Can You Tell If Someone Is Wearing Dentures?

Dentures are the perfect solution for patients who have lost a significant number of teeth and are having problems with chewing and biting. Dentures, though they can be removed at any time, are an extremely sturdy and long lasting solution for most patients who may not be candidates for permanent teeth implants, and can be made of a variety of different materials ranging from porcelain to metal. And other than improving overall functionality of the oral cavity, recently dentures have also begun looking more and more like natural teeth, making it extremely difficult to tell who is and who isn’t wearing dentures.

However, there are a few minor signs that can allow you to tell if someone is wearing dentures, but this usually requires a lot of attention to small details.

Dentures in normal conditions are practically unnoticeable, but if someone gets too close they may see things like all the teeth being the same length which is usually a sign of dentures or the teeth looking unnaturally white. Patients with dentures may also bite and chew foods differently from non-denture wearers. Patients with dentures may also avoid eating hard or sticky foods that may risk moving the dentures out of place. Other than these small signs however, it’s rather difficult to tell if someone is wearing dentures or not.

How to Tell If Someone Has Dentures

Most dentures look exactly like natural teeth and can be difficult to tell if someone has them in place. The signs already listed such as unnatural color, differences in eating habits, and the way people chew are signs that someone has dentures.

Other signs of dentures also include changes in speech, particularly in patients who have just begun wearing dentures and are not yet used to them. A lisp can be noticed for the first few days or even weeks of having new dentures placed, but this typically resolves on its own as the person naturally becomes more and more comfortable with the dentures.

Another sign that is present in older types of dentures are more visible metal clips or other fitments that help to keep the dentures in place. However, these are also only able to be seen when up close; and newer dentures are fairly good at hiding away these metal bits.

And of course, though dentures are fairly secure, they are removable. This can lead to dentures slipping when eating certain types of foods or if he dentures are not properly placed in the mouth. Newer dentures however tend to fit more snuggly in the mouth and are harder to slip accidentally.

So in most cases, you shouldn’t be worried of people noticing if you’re wearing dentures or not. Nowadays dentures are extremely difficult to notice unless someone is specifically looking for these small signs.

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